Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Emily D.'s AP Studio Art

What a journey this has all been! AP art studio has been such an amazing experience for me.  AP art has allowed me to explore art.  I found that I have really ventured out of my comfort zone.  When I first signed up for the class I wasn’t very confident in my art skills outside of photography - I felt as if I was limited to just photographs.  This class has made me realize that in art you don’t have to be limited to just what your good at.  Even though I felt as if my paintings were comparable to a five year-old’s, I learned that’s ok and that it’s still really fun for me.  I was always encouraged to try something new and I’m very grateful that I was able to challenge myself every day in this class.  As the year went on I felt as if my photography skills strengthened.  I found that taking one photo was not enough.  By layering my images, I created stronger photographs.  My layered photos became a big part of my concentration along with self-portraits.  Doing self-portraits taught me a lot about myself.  Being able to capture my emotions throughout my senior year has been a great experience.  I was able to use my portraits as a creative outlet for my emotions.  Now that my AP portfolio has been officially sent in I’m still working to improve my art every day.  Just because my high school career is coming to an end does not mean my art career is, and art will always be a big part of my life!  I will continue to explore different things and venture out.  My goal is to work more with layering photos and collages.  Art journaling is also something I really enjoy and I hope to always be able to keep journaling in my life.  This has been a great year for my growth in art, and I’m very excited to take all my knowledge gained in this class and use it in the next chapter of my life.

journal entry #1

journal entry #2

journal entry #4

journal entry #3

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