Thursday, May 18, 2017

Taylor's AP art

I took this class because of my love for art itself. It was a really fun process to collaborate with new classmates with different ideas and different talents but all having similarity in interest. Personally what I struggled with the most was brainstorming. When you are in a situation of forced of doing art you get lost a lot, but also you get into modes where art is all you want to do and it would be preferable to just stay in that classroom all day to finish it. Joining Ap art I learned lots of different things with what I can do and what others can do to.I've met new people through this program and I expanded the variety of what I can make myself. It is well worth your time to join this class if art has any interest to you, you become a better artist.

The central idea of my concentration is the idea of representing imagination and beauty in art. I personally  enjoy art that leads the mind to different places and represents more than one subject. I am inspired by the kind of art that one can spend time looking at for different subjects and meaning that lie within the composition. My concentration  gives the viewer a chance to use their imagination and create their own narrative.

In life, we all have our own story to tell. Some stories are harder to tell than others. At times life can be  twisted up in several different directions. Similar to the craziness in the art pieces I’ve created. My art is designed so anyone can see more than one meaning, finding it interesting for a viewer to flow through the piece of art. The focal point of my art is based on the choices of a woman, an eye, or a creature. The women represent beauty, the eyes represent future and life, and the creatures represent fear and the past. The central idea of all these pieces is beauty, imagination, and all the different outcomes in life. Throughout my concentration I used little color overall. When I used color it was to emphasize a subject or feature. The first piece of art shows a full portrait of a woman's face which is colored in cool colors of blood to represent a heart. In my pieces you might see doodles and craziness, but within all that you will see something more meaningful. My last piece is a detailed drawing of half of a face. The unique thing about this piece is the silver sparkle in the eye representing innocence and dreams within the eye of the beholder. The detail I used represents the uniqueness of each individual. In all each piece of art has it’s own story to tell leaving one to their own imagination.

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