Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Kaitlyn's AP Studio Art

My experience in AP art has let me grow so much as an artist. It helped me develop my own art style and express major issues I believe in. It has helped me realize how much of a procrastinator I am. And has taught me not to give up on a piece you’ve been working on for a long time. AP art has given me a chance to make new friends and strengthen my art abilities as well as myself. I loved this experience and will never forget it. 

For my concentration I wanted represent losing your innocence. Everyone knows as you grow up you lose that innocence you had as a child. As you grow up you find out what the real world is like. Disappointing. Not all your dreams will come true, there will be obstacles, and getting what you want is going to take a lot work. For some people growing up is a lot harder for others. You are no longer in that fairy tale world of happiness and pretend.

As a child we are seen as innocent and that we can do no wrong. But unfortunately we are not. Grown-ups influence what we learn, and we all learn how to lie and tell secrets. Since we are so young we don't know that what we are doing is wrong. But as we age we continue to do it, the only difference is that this time we know it's wrong and that it can hurt people. When we are a child we use our imagination to make us happy. To pretend we are a king or queen, or to make best friends. But as we grow, we lose our imagination. I chose to represent this with the unicorn stabbing a boy’s head, killing his imagination.  As we grow into the teen years we learn how mean people can be. People get bullied daily because they aren't as pretty as other girls, or because they don't have as many muscles as other boys. Society has set standards on how you are supposed to look and act. So people try to fit those norms just to stop the bullying. But for a lot of people it doesn't go this way and the bullying goes too far. Causing depression and anxiety. I myself struggled from depression and anxiety for years because of rumors and lies that can be told. People who struggle with this problem turn to terrible things such as drugs to numb the pain, and self-harm to distract from the pain caused by other people. Sometimes the words and torture get to be too much, and these people think the only way to escape it and be happy again is to end their own life. Escaping to their fairy tale book once again.

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